Investing in LED Lighting: More than a Penny Earned

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How Blended Learning is Transforming the Face of Education

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Sustainability at Furman University: The Repurposed Shi Center

At Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, the idea of sustainability works on campus-and off. Continue

Proper Flooring in Learning Environments Yields Multiple Positive Outcomes

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What Role Do Signs Play on Your Campus, and What Role Should They Play?

When most of us think of signs, whether in a campus setting or otherwise, we think of them merely from a functional standpoint. Signs... Continue

The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection at Florida Southern College

"Desire Conference with you concerning plans for Great Education Temple in Florida. Wire contract when and where I can see you." -... Continue



Fans Improve Energy Efficiency at George Mason's Freedom Center

Universities across the country are striving to cut energy consumption. It’s a practice that makes sense: Reducing energy use saves... Continue

Automating Attendance, Visitor and Asset Tracking in University Environments: Taking Attendance Like Never Before

Universities are constantly advancing technology and science through cutting-edge research. Students carry the latest tablets and... Continue





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