Lofty Ideas for Wasted Spaces: Acres of Green Overhead

Urban roofscape is transforming from drab to delightful in cities around the world. Urban development and nature, once contradictory... Continue

PCI Compliance & Questions of Security

Colleges and Universities strive for PCI compliance, but are they really secure? The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI... Continue



Beyond the Bowl

By opening up the interior and focusing on flexibility, designers are reconceiving spectator arenas as truly multipurpose spaces. Continue

A Better Way to Protect People and Property on University Campuses

Most universities currently use campus magstripe cards or contactless, low-frequency (125 kHz) cards, often known as proximity (or... Continue



Adventure Education at Green Mountain College: The Outdoors as Arena for Personal Growth

More than ever before, students entering college need to balance their passions-the things they love to do-with the practicality of... Continue

Windows and Doors Deliver Reliable Performance, Lasting Impressions

Universities across the nation are seeking ever-larger windows and doors to create attractive buildings for students, faculty and... Continue



The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection at Florida Southern College

"Desire Conference with you concerning plans for Great Education Temple in Florida. Wire contract when and where I can see you." -... Continue

Cornell Implements First Solar Array to Expand Renewable Portfolio

2MW Solar Farm Will Help Reach Carbon Neutrality: Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, has been on the forefront of world issues and... Continue





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