A Better Way to Protect People and Property on University Campuses

Most universities currently use campus magstripe cards or contactless, low-frequency (125 kHz) cards, often known as proximity (or... Continue

ActiveLED Lighting--Big Savings in Higher-Ed Helps Maximize Funds for Teaching

Optimizing future budgets by saving money on operations allows higher education, and other campus-based institutions, to allocate... Continue



Living, Learning, Socializing: Six Guiding Principles for Furnishing Residential Spaces

Change is constant at today's colleges and universities. It's occurring in classrooms, libraries, and labs, and especially residence... Continue

High-Tech Meets Higher Education: Bringing Optimal Audio Quality to University Auditoriums and Classrooms

In today's high-tech universities, it is a common practice for lectures to be recorded for webcasting as an online resource for... Continue



Dartmouth Basketball's Shooting Touch

In the creation of space meant to showcase a sports program, the simplest moves can lead to a winning result. Continue

Sustainable Design and Advanced Fire Rated Glazing in Schools

The practice of basing decisions about physical space on research and data, or Evidence-Based Design (EBD), can help architects design... Continue



The Big Picture 101: Projection Screens for Every Educational Environment

When selecting a projection screen for educational applications, there are 4-easy points to remember. Continue

The Consumerization of IT Ushers in Campus-Wide Cultural Shift at Seton Hill University

The 'Consumerization of Information Technology' has been a very hot topic since the first paper about it was published in a LEF... Continue




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