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January 2016



Brown's New VR Display: Aiding Scientific & Artistic Exploration

By: Kevin Stacey

Computer scientist David Laidlaw set out to create the ultimate virtual reality display. The result--the YURT--is a fully immersive VR device, with a 360-degree screen that matches the resolution discernible by the human eye.


Running a Sustainable Kitchen: Energy Star Certified Commercial Equipment

By: Meghan Peiffer

No matter the size of the foodservice operation on your campus, greater efficiency leads to greater profits. This is especially true in the kitchen, where utilizing energy-efficient equipment is the most effective way to manage monthly bills.


Starting Over: Resurrecting a Stalled Project

By: Oliver Snider

Resurrecting a stalled building project requires a close look at what circumstances have changed, and then changing the plan to match the current reality.


Living Laboratories: Yale's Innovative Carbon Charge Program

By: Yale University

Yale University has launched a first-of-its-kind pilot program to put a price tag on the use of carbon - with some of the most prominent campus buildings.


Class of 1966 Environmental Center at Williams College

By: Williams College

In spring of 2015, The Class of 1966 Environmental Center opened with the dedication of the new building and a number of related events.



Neurophilosophy at Millsaps College

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Dr. Patrick D. Hopkins, Professor of Philosophy at Millsaps College, is a new breed of philosopher. With an undergraduate degree in psychology and a doctorate in philosophy, Hopkins found himself drawn to moral psychology and neuroethics which led him down some interesting and intellectually stimulating paths.


Entrepreneurial Spirit Meets Higher Education

By: Amanda Washington

Lynn University president Kevin M. Ross is reimagining college through innovation and technology, giving new meaning to the words "trailblazer" and "pioneer" in higher education.


LVT: Computer-Generated Flooring

By: Matt Morrison

If you haven't noticed, LVT flooring is becoming increasingly popular in North America. LVT, or luxury vinyl tile, was first introduced about a decade ago and soon found its way into new residential settings in many parts of the world.


Cal Tech and Water to Nepal

By: Dave Zobel

On the steep, tea-covered hillsides of Ilam in eastern Nepal, where 25 percent of households live below the poverty level and electricity is scarce, clean running water is scarcer still.What comes out of the region's centralized distribution systems is unfiltered, untreated, and teeming with nitrates, viruses, and E. coli. Purifying it is the consumer's responsibility.



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