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October 2015



A.L.I.C.E at Point Park University: Alert Lockdown, Inform, Counter, & Evacuate

By: Lou Corsaro

A man calmly walks into the Academic Hall and enters the elevator. When the doors close, he unzips his bag to reveal a handgun and automatic weapon. What happens next?


Flooring's Newest Frontier: Providing Connectivity through Careful Planning

By: Jim Norton

When you think of flooring, wiring and outlets are not likely to be part of your focus. However, today's use of technology, combined with desired open floor plans, has resulted in a challenge that flooring can provide a valid answer to.


Standing Desks for Administrators, Staff, and Faculty

By: Mary Hall Keen

We've all felt the remorseful couch-potato pang of occasionally sitting around and watching too much TV. That may not feel great, but that guilty pleasure pales in comparison to the very real problem associated with our regular workday, the long hours we spend sitting in chairs while working at our desks.


Lab Utilities Sustainability: Cost Savings and Resource Efficiency

By: Peter Coffey

At its heart, the quest for sustainability on campus is about minimizing waste: waste of water, waste of energy, waste of resources of all kinds - including waste of money. With budgets getting tighter, it is useful to look at some sources of resource efficiencies that are easy to overlook, such as the vacuum that is used in labs for scientific purposes.



Johnson & Wales: Oscar Chilabato and Marketing Logic

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Oscar Chilabato, an associate professor of Marketing at Johnson and Wales University, co-directs the JWU Ad Team with Professor Chris Ure. A group of talented students who compete on a local and national level each year, JWU's Ad Team has won the district competition six out of the last seven years.


Rubber Flooring: Savings and Performance in Educational Setting

By: Tasha Hughes

Creating a safe, healthy, and productive learning environment is a priority not only for the people who design educational facilities, but also for the individuals who use them. Including rubber flooring as the surface of choice in learning environments can contribute to lower noise levels and healthy learning spaces, while helping to keep students safe and faculty comfortable.


Help Students Breathe Easy

By: Lisa Schmidt

In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on the quality of air in schools and universities, and the associated impact of poor air quality on learning and focus.


New Construction at the University of Tampa

By: Eric Cárdenas

2015 brought an especially hot spring and summer at The University of Tampa this year, as the 85-year-old university announced the construction of a new fitness center, completed the construction of a multipurpose academic and administrative building, and finished a complete makeover of its oldest residence hall.



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