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November 2012



ActiveLED Lighting--Big Savings in Higher-Ed Helps Maximize Funds for Teaching

By: Klaus Bollmann

Optimizing future budgets by saving money on operations allows higher education, and other campus-based institutions, to allocate those saved dollars for teaching and training students or keeping vital staff members on campus. Operational costs can be significantly reduced by employing state-of-the-art lighting and controls for covered parking structures.


Lofty Ideas for Wasted Spaces: Acres of Green Overhead

By: Sonja Landis

Urban roofscape is transforming from drab to delightful in cities around the world. Urban development and nature, once contradictory of one another, are now co-mingling on new levels--specifically: rooftop levels, adding habitat to the essentially negative, wasted space within a city.



Professor Spotlight: Snake Wrangling at Mississippi College

By: Rachel James Clevenger

There are some common assumptions about small Baptist colleges, particularly ones based in the South. They might be considered provincial and cautious--maybe even rigid and unaccepting. Similarly, there are assumptions about the therapeutic process and what a patient must do to change longstanding patterns of behavior.


Communication Color


We live in a world full of color. Research clearly indicates that color has tremendous power to add impact to communications, boosting recall and influencing opinion.


St. Thomas University--Student Activity and Leadership Development Building

By: Jim Peckham

St. Thomas University's Careful Planning and Meticulous Research Rewarded with Its Prized Family Center for Leadership and Wellness


Teaching and Technology: Regaining Key Control

By: James T. McGowan

A key part of providing a high-quality educational experience is having facilities that are safe and secure. In the last decade, schools and universities have carried out many steps to make facilities safer for students and staff members.



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