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November 2014



Construction of an Indoor Athletic Training Facility

By: Lauren Price

One of the newest facilities on campus has a very specialized purpose: the indoor athletic training hub for multiple sports programs. Conceived as a student-focused athletic center, the facility is the new focal point of the campus.


What To Expect When You're Expecting

By: Ralph Agostinelli

Understanding the typical construction timeline can help prospective owners worry less and enjoy the building process (and their baby) more. The prospective building owner who refers to the project as "my baby" is clearly onto something.


Fans Improve Energy Efficiency at George Mason's Freedom Center

By: Kathy Martinolich

Universities across the country are striving to cut energy consumption. It is a practice that makes sense: Reducing energy use saves money on expensive utility bills and is good for the environment.


Protecting Your University's Curb Appeal This Winter

By: Richard Behan

We all know that you should not judge a book by its cover, but the "cover" displayed by most universities is a significant reason why students choose where they plan to live for the next several years of their lives.



The Autumn Lab at Lewis & Clark College

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Dr. Kellar Autumn, a professor of biology, is perhaps the world's foremost authority on gecko adhesion. In addition to publishing dozens of pieces in leading journals, his research with adhesives includes ground-breaking efforts to probe the fundamental nature of friction in order to give back to the field of physics.


Making the Most of Your Building Automation System Tools

By: Steve Tom

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer once indicated that most software users only use about 20% of a program's features. This seems to be a common adage within the IT industry, although pessimists insist the 20% figure is too high. My experience with Building Automation Systems (BAS) makes me side with the pessimists.


From Fixed to Flexible: Renovating Existing Spaces to Foster Collaborative Environments

By: Mira Korber

In collaboration with designers at a technology, furniture, and ergonomics-integration company based in Maryland, school leaders brought a brand new learning space to life: one that promises to prepare students for college and the workplace.



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