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November 2015



Harvesting Big Data for Operational Decisions

By: Drew DePriest

What exactly does big data look like? We've heard the buzz around Internet of Things (IoT) and the connected environment over the past few years. But in my experience, if you ask ten different people that question, you're likely to receive ten different answers.


A Transformational Project: Converse College's Johnson Plaza

By: Walt Steele

Many students arriving for the first time at Converse College in Spartanburg, SC, like students arriving at any other private college, have an educational goal to be the best in their class. But when they get to Converse, they can draw some inspiration out of the fact that the first thing they will see was the best in its own right.


Orchestrating Your Building Project

By: Stephen Springs

Even though you might think of them primarily in terms of aesthetics, architects' most valuable characteristic on a building project is the ability to mold the work of many trades and suppliers into one cohesive plan.


Using Retrocommissioning to Tackle Campus Carbon Footprint

By: Thulasi Narayan

Seattle Pacific University is a private college campus with more than 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students, located in the heart of Seattle, Washington. As a Christian university, SPU considers sustainability to be both an environmental and social justice issue, and has long considered responsible resource use part of its mission.




Fundraising Success at Lincoln Memorial University

By: Frank W. Woodward

Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) is a private university founded in 1897 as a living tribute to President Abraham Lincoln. LMU offers over 30 undergraduate and professional programs through its main campus and the DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine located in Harrogate, Tennessee; the LMU College of Veterinary Medicine located in Lee County, Virginia; and the John J. Duncan, Jr. School of Law located in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Toward a Smarter Grid

By: Kimm Fesenmaier

Steven Low, aCaltech professor of computer science and electrical engineering, says we are on the cusp of a transformation, a restructuring of the energy system similar to the reimagining and revamping that the communication and computer networks experienced over the last two decades, making them well layered, distributed and interconnected.


Work on a New Species at Lincoln Memorial University

By: Rachel James Clevenger

As a physical anthropologist specializing in paleoanthropology, Dr. Zach Throckmorton researches soft tissue as well as foot and ankle variation and evolution.


JWU's New Main Hall on Historic Campus: Renovating 129-year-old Structure

By: Holli Keyser

For the last 15 years, students, faculty and staff at Johnson & Wales University's Denver Campus have been waiting patiently for the day that renovations would take place inside the centerpiece of campus--Centennial Hall--a structure listed on the National Register for Historic Places that has been shuttered for 30 years.



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