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November 2016



Breaking the Surface: Quality of Core Aeration

By: Linda Beattie

When it comes to turf aeration, professionals define quality by quantity, depth and pattern. Aeration, the process of penetrating the turf, thatch and soil to reduce soil compaction, is vital to the life-cycle of turf grass and improves water retention, air circulation and nutrient absorption to the grass root system to promote new or deepening root growth.


Colleges Teach Lessons in Energy Efficiency

By: Russell Garcia

Energy independence is a topic that many countries, including the United States, have considered a long-term goal. On a smaller scale, it's a topic that private universities are also studying in an effort to take charge of their energy future.


Piece by Piece: Expanding Your Campus

By: Mark Corey

When the need for space is acute, older campus buildings sometimes offer surprising opportunities to expand. There is hardly a college or university administrator, professor, or facilities manager anywhere who's satisfied with the amount of space on his or her campus. What to do about it is a vexing problem.


Models of Food Sustainability Practices: Warren Wilson College and Mills College

By: Cassidy Clevenger

Sustainability has been a hot topic for many years, due to the growing demand to find eco-friendly alternatives. University budgets, however, are often spread thin, making it difficult for schools to go Green." Many colleges are stepping up, though, and promoting eco-friendly and Earth-positive initiatives that work within the colleges and their partnerships.



Designing Future-Ready, Technology-Enhanced Rooms

By: Gina Sansivero

Being smart and intentional when designing building infrastructure for power, AV and IT is necessary to keep up with the demand of today's users. Whether in education, corporate, healthcare or government buildings (etc.), rooms must be outfitted to support growing technology requirements.


Caldwell University: An Adjunct's Story

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Karen Cook, NCC, LPC, Ed.D., has a long and varied career. While teaching in New Jersey public schools, she earned an MA in Counselor Education at Kean University, before going to post-graduate study at Fairfield University.


IoT: The Future of Campus Restrooms

By: Robert Kravitz

A relatively new technology in the professional cleaning industry-and possibly new to many administrators of private colleges and universities- is the "internet of things" (IoT). It is designed to help administrators and custodial workers keep school facilities clean and healthy on an ongoing basis.


Point Park University's Center for Media Innovation: New Wave of Tech-Savvy Journalists

By: Lou Corsaro

With the official opening of its Center for Media Innovation, Point Park University is prepared to take a leading role in educating a new generation of media professionals. The Center also positions Point Park as a critical resource for professional journalists and as an advocate for helping the public-at-large understand the important role a strong, independent media plays in society.



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