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December 2012



High-Tech Meets Higher Education: Bringing Optimal Audio Quality to University Auditoriums and Classrooms

By: Tim Root

In today's high-tech universities, it is a common practice for lectures to be recorded for webcasting as an online resource for students or simulcast to remote viewers via a video conferencing system.


Lightning Safety and Technology

By: Bob Dugan

All too often, tragedies must occur in order for corrective measures to be investigated and technologies to be installed as part of new safety objectives.


Living, Learning, Socializing: Six Guiding Principles for Furnishing Residential Spaces

By: Jeff Vredevoogd

Change is constant at today's colleges and universities. It's occurring in classrooms, libraries, and labs, and especially residence halls--almost everywhere on campus



Teaching and Technology: Tweeting in the Classroom

By: Kelli Marshall

For three semesters I have attempted to incorporate Twitter into the college classroom, even once relying on the service to arrange a wina- free-textbook contest for my Film Noir students. But overall, these attempts have failed miserably as the majority of college students- at this point in time anyway-do not automatically take to Twitter; it's Facebook or texting they prefer.


Professor Spotlight: Empowering Women of Color to do Dynamic Science at Spelman College

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Dr. Kimberly Jackson of Spelman College, in Atlanta, Georgia, is undoubtedly a brilliant scholar and researcher, with her groundbreaking work on prostate cancer widely recognized and honored. Identifying herself as a mentor for young women of color in an incredibly competitive field, Jackson has mentored more than 40 students at Spelman College, diversifying the field of Chemical Sciences and providing these students with research experiences in cancer therapeutics and drug discovery while empowering them to do dynamic science.


Construction and Planning: Installing or Renovating Campus Athletic Tracks

By: Shawn Taylor

You may be looking to install a new track and field surface or renovate your existing athletic track, but you may be unsure of where to start and what factors to consider. When you consider the advancements in the sports surfacing industry over the past 30 years, the first step can be daunting.


Campus Security: Case Study

By: Wendi Burke

University of Miami Expands Megapixel Camera Deployment In Successful Video Surveillance Program



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