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December 2015



Duquesne University: Fueling Collaboration with FlexTech Classrooms

By: David Fitzgerald

Today, many colleges and universities are evolving from a teacher-centered learning model to student-centered learning model, where many students bring their own digital devices-laptops, tablets, and even smartphones to participate in lessons in a more collaborative way.


Academic Excellence Requires a Culture of Safety

By: Paul Penzone

A university is a complex community; so, too, are the safety issues. From petty theft to acts of violence, minors abusing alcohol to sexual assaults, the spectrum of issues is unfortunately part of the day-to-day security operations.


Safety as a Community Endeavor: Empowering Your Biggest Campus Safety Resource--Students

By: Jodi Hogerton

Who is responsible for making your campus a safe environment for learning and personal growth? The vast majority of college campuses have a department dedicated to public safety and committees that focus on emergency preparedness and planning.


A True Residence in a Residence Community

By: Geroge Zaki

When parents leave their students at a college or university, they need to believe their children are living in safe, clean, and welcoming environments where they will be nurtured and protected--just as they would at home. While students are also concerned with issues of safety, they are perhaps equally interested in enjoying the aesthetics of their living spaces.



Bradley University Surrounds Facilities with School Spirit

By: Bobby Claeys

Many players, coaches and athletic directors can agree that playing on a plain field surrounded by bare fences and exposed bleachers does not promote a lot of "spirit" during the game. That is why stadium and branding graphics have now become a huge priority for many sports programs.


Challenging the 30/30 Rule and Flash--to-Bang Lightning Safety Protocol

By: Bob Dugan

Mankind has long tried to understand lightning, harness its power, and create practices to safeguard lives and properties with various methods of data-based and myth inspired practices.


Sierra Nevada College's Outdoor Adventure Leadership

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Sierra Nevada College's Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program is neither traditional nor typical. ODAL is not a stand-alone degree and instead is housed within the Interdisciplinary Studies Program, and ODAL must be paired with another discipline such as Environmental Studies, Art, Psychology, Ski Business Resort Management, or English/Journalism.



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