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February 2014



Custom Furniture for Libraries & Media Centers: Benefits, Costs, Process & Scheduling

By: Kate Mastrangelo

Designing for the way we work, the rhythms of our daily routines, and the needs and comfort of our guests creates spaces that are efficient, comforting and inspiring.


Object Lesson: Campus Project Planners Must Understand New Buildings Within Campus Context

By: David Rose

Once completed, buildings are never viewed in isolation. For that reason, they shouldn't be conceived in isolation. Yet, sometimes-in spite of the best intentions of architects and their clients-things go astray.


Promoting Campus Safety and Sustainability through Solar Lighting

By: Divakar "Dibs" Tailor

The typical sustainable campus solutions like low-carbon transportation and locally sourced dining are hard to miss at universities these days.



Yeshiva University's Kinder Academic Culture

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Dr. Steven Fine is a professor of Jewish history and director of the Yeshiva University Center for Israel Studies. In his research, Fine focuses on the relationships between the literature, art and archaeology of ancient Judaism and the historiography of Judaism in Roman antiquity.


Choosing the Right Access Control Technology for Student Housing

By: Angelo Faenza

One of the most important aspects of on-campus housing is to ensure that students are safe and secure. It's a paramount consideration not only for students who currently live in dormitories-it's also important to show prospective students and their parents that the university considers the security of its oncampus residents to be a top priority.


What We Learn At The Movies Can Be Practiced At Schools: Why Educational AV Is Taking Its New Concepts From Theater Design

By: David Rodgers

When I think back to what a "Big Screen" presentation was in my early college days, I'd think of how my professors slaved over a klunky overhead projector that looked more like a piece of WW2 surplus than it did as a visual aid.



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