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March 2014



Dartmouth Basketball's Shooting Touch

By: Steve Nelson

In the creation of space meant to showcase a sports program, the simplest moves can lead to a winning result.


Modern Acoustical Design: No Longer Forced to Choose Between Good Looks and Good Sound

By: Nick Colleran

Over the past decade, much of what was not generally known about acoustics has become common knowledge. However, some of that knowledge is based only on assumptions that masquerade as information.


What's Mine is Ours: Designing a Modern Fitness Center

By: James Braum

Designing a modern fitness center means configuring space so that it is both communal and personal. There's nothing more public than working out in a college recreation center, even when the college in question is private.



Ensuring Safety with On-Campus and Stadium AED Compartments

By: Michael Zuidema

Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in the United States, claiming more than 350,000 lives annually, according to the American Heart Association.


Limestone College's Fitness Quest

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Born and raised in Texas, Dr. Felicia Cavallini played volleyball and basketball at Rice and later earned an MA while serving as the assistant coach for women's basketball at University of Texas at San Antonio. After earning her doctorate at University of Houston in Pedagog y, Cavallini worked at Lamar University in the Department of Professional Pedagogy.


Elevating The Stage for an All-Inclusive Experience

By: Anna Tu

More than 300 talented musicians and performers filled the 62x63 University of California Berkeley Zellerbach Auditorium stage during an astounding, all-inclusive performance comprising of a 165 piece orchestra and two combined choruses that made up approximately 200 members.



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