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March 2016



Earth House Doubles as Environmental Classroom

By: Rich Barlow

At Boston University, a new student residence is teaching more sustainable everyday living. At Earth House, BU's residential program in sustainability, both the house and its director, Nathan Phillips, serve as instructors.


Acoustics: A University's Universal Concern

By: Nick Colleran

Universities have a multitude of different rooms where acoustics matter. In addition to the obvious intelligibility requirements for classrooms, there are choir and band rooms, recording and broadcast facilities, gymnasiums that may need to double as performance areas and, if the performers are lucky, a dedicated theater for the performing arts.


Indoor Track and Field Enjoys a Moment in Unlikely Space

By: Iannick DiSanza

Last winter, a six-lane, 200-meter indoor banked track found itself at the center of the track and field world during a series of high performance meets set in a historic industrial warehouse in Portland, Oregon.


Flooring Trends in Higher Education

By: Tom Plaskota, CDT

New construction and renovations at colleges and universities can be complicated. They have many stakeholders, including facility managers, investors, and presidents who need to balance cost-effectiveness, longevity and aesthetics.



UT Announces Construction of New Fitness Center

By: Eric Cárdenas

To further enhance campus life and students' co-curricular experience, The University of Tampa is building a new Fitness and Recreation Center in the heart of the UT campus. The 60,000-square-foot facility will address student health and fitness needs.


iLYNN and the iPad Initiative at Lynn University

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Mike Petroski, Director of Faculty Development and Apple Distinguished Educator, has played an instrumental role in the creative use of technology unfolding at Lynn University.


Greater Trust Increases Community-Level Adaptations to Climate Change

By: Duke University

In rural Ethiopian communities threatened by climate change, communities with high levels of trust between members are more likely to work together to adapt to changes, and are less likely to take individual action, a new study finds.



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