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April 2015



Campus Paving Projects

By: Walt Steele

For anyone who makes purchases for colleges in these times of budget constraints, the first question is automatic: Will what I am about to buy work as advertised? If that answer is yes, it begs a second question: Can you prove it?


LED Lighting Delivers Value in Enhancing University Experience

By: John Casadonte

Lighting plays a significant role in shaping university environments, and can be one of the most simple and effective ways to achieve significant reductions in energy and maintenance costs while improving on-campus experiences for students, faculty and visitors.


Cornell Implements First Solar Array to Expand Renewable Portfolio

2MW Solar Farm Will Help Reach Carbon Neutrality: Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, has been on the forefront of world issues and committed to finding new solutions to complex problems for 150 years.


Top Ten Mistakes Made in Gymnasium Design and Construction

By: Nik Ditzler

Learn from others' mistakes to avoid expensive retrofits and upgrades in your next sports facility project.



Professors Guide Development of Software Solution to Class Skipping

By: Dr. David M. Reed

Numerous academic studies have demonstrated that class attendance is the single best predictor of grades in a college course, even ahead of hours spent studying outside of class. Students simply cannot make up for lost class time with efforts on their own outside of class.


Advanced IP Radio Systems for Campus Security

By: Caroline Baptist

When it comes to campus security, radio systems play an integral role in mobilizing public safety, administration and other university departments. Security staff members are no strangers to operating handheld radios, but some schools have increased campus-wide communication initiatives by deploying subscriber units to office staff and even faculty.


John Brown University: Dr. Ted Junseok Song and Christian Engineering

After serving in the Republic of Korea Army as an Air Defense Artillery officer, Ted Junseok Song began conducting research on renewable energy and worked at several major engineering companies, including Samsung Electronics in Korea, UNIDO-ICHET in Turkey, and NEC Laboratories in California.


Find the Best Digital Signage Solution for Your Campus

By: Melissa Bitter

It's no longer a question of if your campus needs to go digital. It's mandatory to stay competitive and relevant in the business and healthcare arenas - education is no different. It's questions of when & how?



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