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April 2017



Illuminating Energy Incentives & Cost Savings for Educational Facilities

By: Bob Ostrander

The upkeep of colleges and universities can prove to be extremely costly due primarily to the amount of maintenance required to keep the facility infrastructure functioning properly.


Cost Considerations in the Quest for Quiet

By: C. Nicholas Colleran, Jr., CPA,

While architects usually concentrate on the visual and acousticians focus on sound, accountants will focus on the money. Thinking about acoustics first and building correctly can often save you from having to spend money on fixing avoidable problems later on.


Saline Sanitization: The Safer Alternative to Chlorine

By: Steve Pearce

In August of 2016, an unspecified amount of chlorine gas escaped from a railcar at a plant near Proctor, WV, just across the Ohio River from Hannibal, OH. People in several communities in both states were evacuated from their homes for up to eight hours as the gas spread south and west.



Spalding University: Using Hydroplaning to Reach At-Risk Youth

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Dr. H.A. Hasan, an Associate Professor at Spalding University, earned his Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of Washington in Seattle. Hasan's experience in the Seattle Public School District included self-contained programs designed for students in grades 4-12 who were classified as Seriously Behaviorally Disabled (SBD); then, he spent two years with the Hawaii Department of Education in a self-contained program for high school students categorized as Emotionally Disturbed.


Seeing is Believing: Campus Communication Trends in 2017

By: Richard Ventura

Campuses are using digital signage to distribute real-time information, transform education, and enforce safety and security. The same way that university student fads come and go, campus communication trends are always changing.


Action Plans for Cleaning

By: Michael Wilson

Many private universities teach their students about the importance of having an action plan in school, whether it is to complete assignments on time, to prepare for exams, or to get a job once they graduate. An effective action plan is designed to help students focus on their goals and then determine what steps to take-and when-to achieve them. However, action plans aren't just for students.


Protecting Students from Dangerous Threats

By: Rob Reiter

Forty years ago, when I was an earnest young college student, I appreciated all the ways I was being treated like an adult; there were ashtrays in class rooms, and there were few restrictions on how I went about my day-to-day studies.



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