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May 2013



Automating Attendance, Visitor and Asset Tracking in University Environments: Taking Attendance Like Never Before

By: Chris Arnwine

Universities are constantly advancing technology and science through cutting-edge research. Students carry the latest tablets and phones, while faculty shift more and more course material online using collaborative web apps.


Sustainable Design and Advanced Fire Rated Glazing in Schools

By: Diana San Diego

The practice of basing decisions about physical space on research and data, or Evidence-Based Design (EBD), can help architects design schools that meet future needs.


Safety, Sustainability, and Branding in University Athletics

By: Nick Cusick

The key to sound decision making often is not what you know but what you are willing to admit that you don't know, your process to gather, sort and prioritize input and then make solid, well-considered decisions.



Warranties are Not Guarantees of Success

By: Eric Younkin

For facility managers and building owners, one of the most difficult decisions is deciding which roof system will best protect their facility. With so many things to consider from cost to performance to aesthetics, it's not uncommon to feel overwhelmed at the mere thought of choosing a roof system.


Novelist/Memoirist Katharine Weber at Kenyon College

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Katharine Weber did not take the traditional route. She doesn't have the doctorate, or the master's, or the bachelor's. In fact, she doesn't have a high school diploma, since she skipped 12th grade to take college classes at 16.


Upgrading Facilities: Big Fans Yield Big Results

By: Megan Browning

Whether new construction or upgrades to existing facilities, campus changes are constant. Incorporating air movement into spaces, whether during building or renovation phases, can address a multitude of comfort and efficiency problems while adhering to strict budgets and sensitive construction time frames.



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