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May 2016



Campus Carry Policies in Private Colleges and Universities

By: Brandon Gilliland

As active-shooter situations have spread to college and university campuses over the last decade, administrators in higher education have established policies and protocol to protect students and faculty members during actual active-shooter events.


Outfitting Your Auditorium With Multi-Purpose & Flexible Staging

By: Kip Weis & Rick Roe

Today, universities and colleges across the country are finding it difficult to meet the demands placed on them to provide the best possible education as well as ensuring their students get the most out of their education. There is also constant pressure to provide the finest amenities for incoming students.


The Natatorium Puzzle: Five Warning Signs

By: Luke Beadle

When designing, improving, or maintaining a natatorium, you should start with the end users in mind, swimmers and other pool users or campus staff. While calculations, design guidelines, and aesthetics all matter, those pool users are the most important factor.


On-Campus Life-Safety and First-Aid Considerations

By: R. Alan Hester

In light of the increasing incidences of active shootings on post-secondary campuses in the recent years, administrators have begun implementing safety plans on campus to react if such a tragedy should occur. Most preparedness policies have focused on prevention of, and protection from, a mass-casualty producing event.


Meaningful Change: Placemaking at Simpson College

By: G.W. Justin Platts & Jonathan Martin

The process of "placemaking," a concept that for half a century has been more common to the public realm, can help transform private campuses and campus life.



Engaging External Stakeholders at Lehigh University

By: Colin Mathews

Students at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, get the best of both worlds: a student-centered residential college with liberal arts at the core, and a premier research university with renowned programs in engineering, business, and education. That distinctive combination is the heart of Lehigh, an institution that "aspires to be an environment where the academic and living experiences merge into an integrated learning experience."


Making the Financial Case for Saving Water

By: Klaus Reichardt

As private schools and universities look for ways to reduce costs and become more fiscally responsible, one area that seems to get overlooked is water usage. However, if administrators really want to save money, water usage should not be ignored. Additionally, today's students appreciate their university's efforts to go green.


Sports, Arts, & Entertainment Management at Point Park University

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Steve Tanzilli, JD, is an Associate Professor in a program he helped to create at Point Park University: Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management. Recently, he also took on the role as chair for Department of Management. His background includes 12 years with 141 Worldwide Sports and Entertainment where he worked in close contact with high-end clients.


How Green Sports Alliance Affects Your University

By: Robert Kravitz

In case you have not heard about it, the Green Sports Alliance is growing fast, and it is likely to have considerable impact on your private university. In fact, it may end up saving your university a considerable amount of money.



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