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May 2017



Ensure the Most Dangerous Site on Campus is Protected

By: David Withee

Years ago, there was a bit of public relations furor at my alma mater, a well-known engineering school, because of OSHA citations. Like many alumni, I was concerned by this news. Soon a letter arrived for all MIT alumni, explaining that while every safety hazard is of concern, some are obviously more troubling than others.


Samford Begins Vast Program of Infrastructure Improvement

By: Philip Poole, APR, & William A. Nunnelley, APR,

It has been six decades since Samford University relocated to its Homewood site from East Lake. While the campus continues to be noted for its architectural beauty, some of its 2.5 million square feet of buildings are almost 60 years old, with attendant problems of age.


Pioneering Multidisciplinary Teaching: North Central College's Science Center

By: North Central College

North Central College is pioneering the way it equips students of every major to learn what they need today--and how they will work tomorrow--through its new state-of-the-art Science Center which opened March of 2017.


Cultures Crossing From Stage Left to Stage Right at Notre Dame

By: Cassidy Clevenger

The oft-quoted Shakespearean theme of the world as a stage continues to feel relevant and appropriate even in 2017. Theatre is glamour, and theatre is excitement.



Considering Safety When Purchasing a New Sports Floor

By: Jamie Darpel

Anyone responsible for a large purchasing decision can quickly grow overwhelmed during the research phase, especially when trying to review all available options. If you are the person in charge of researching and selecting a new floor for your gymnasium or fitness area, you have likely experienced this frustration.


Emergency Communication Platforms: The Latest in Integration Capabilities

By: Fred Bezat

When there's a threat to your university community, one of your top priorities is to notify the authorities and communicate to students and staff how to stay safe. Every second counts, every message must be fast and accurate, and every system must perform.


Exploring Race Relations at University of Valley Forge

By: Rachel James Clevenger

At University of Valley Forge in Phoenixville, PA, Dr. Marianne Modica teaches early childhood education, including a powerful and memorable senior-level course in Multicultural Education, while also serving as a leader in diversity initiatives and race relations on campus and in the wider community.



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