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June 2015



Augustana Center for Student Life

By: Sam Schlouch

The vision for the Augustana Center for Student Life was derived from the agora of ancient Greece, which was a multi-functional gathering place where living, communication, commerce, politics and philosophy flourished.


Marist College: New Academic Building and Renovated Student Center

By: Leslie Bates

Marist has completed a spectacular building project that creates extraordinary new space for dining, student activities, and its music program.


Stacks, Surveys, and Socialization: Creating Collaborative Spaces in Libraries

By: Lizzie Hoffman

Working in an industry for over 30 years allows you an insight into countless trends as they come and go, from the fall of the cubicle to the bittersweet taste the phrase "budget cut" leaves in your mouth.


Loyola University Chicago Rejuvenates Urban Campus - Energizes Institution

By: Doug Kozma

Jennifer Clark recalls the Loyola University Chicago of the late 1990s. If you were walking down the street, your view of Loyola was sometimes a concrete wall or a loading dock, says Clark, Loyola's associate vice president for campus-community planning. We literally turned our back on the community.



Dr. Paul Arthur and Peace Studies at Chapman University

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Dr. Paul Arthur, Visiting Distinguished Professor and Interim Director of Peace Studies at Chapman University, is a scholar of conflict and peace. Active in facilitating the conflict resolution process in Northern Ireland, Arthur brought together adversaries in order to imagine a new and long-lasting peace.


Security and Solar Window Films: Campus Safety and Other Benefits

By: George Tanber

As universities beef up security on their campuses because of increased threats to student and faculty safety, campus officials continue to examine new and innovative ways to make their schools safer.


Proper Flooring Supports Key University Design Considerations

By: David Daughtrey

Evidence-based research shows that a proper floor covering for an educational space can not only positively affect that space's aesthetics, but also the health and safety of those who come in contact with that space.


Conversations with College Presidents on Branding in Higher Education

By: William Faust

A few years ago, we made our first trek to the annual AMA conference for higher education marketing. It was held in downtown Chicago, and only 300 attendees joined us. This past year, for the same event in Austin, we were part of a crowd of more than 1,200.



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