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June 2016



Details of Daylight: Choosing the Right Glazing Material

By: Mark Mitchell

Adding natural light to learning environments is long proven as beneficial to students, educators, test scores and the bottom line. Studies show that schools simply function better when there's access to daylight. With all the design considerations that come into play when creating an effective learning environment, how can you find the right daylighting solution for your project?


Cornish Commons: A Housing and Student Life Center

By: Bruce McKee

As Cornish College of the Arts realized a growing need for administration space and felt the full weight of losing their student housing facility due to a terminated lease, the small college needed to act quickly and decisively to ensure the stability of their enrollment and to ultimately increase the presence and strengthen the brand of the 100-year old institution in downtown Seattle.


Interactive, Collaborative Learning at Hampton University's Harvey Library

By: Mira Korber

The newly renovated library facility at Hampton University (HU) awaits students for the 2016-2017 academic year. In collaboration with a Maryland-based office equipment supplier, HU transformed its common study space-the William R. and Norma B. Harvey Library-into a vibrant learning center for students, faculty, and staff.



One Campus, One Card

By: Ann Timme

In a world of simplified technology, people are becoming predisposed to carrying less in their pockets, purses or bags. And this is no different on a college campus. By implementing a one-card system, students are able to use their campus cards and smart phones for more applications than ever before.


Emergency Mass Notification Systems

By: Luis Tapia

Emergency warning systems provide rapid notification to those at risk from hazards and enable them to take protective actions. U.S. institutions of higher education rely on mass notification warning systems to share urgent information with their campus population when their safety or security is threatened.


Counter-Terrorism at Brigham Young University-Hawaii

By: Rachel James Clevenger

After spending half his life abroad, Dr. Brian Houghton studied international relations at Brigham Young University, international affairs at The George Washington University, and policy analysis at the Pardee RAND Graduate School.



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