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June 2017



Teaching and Mentoring Two Generations

By: Lisa Schmidt

Generational theorists suggest that we currently have two generations in today’s classrooms; the Millennial Generation and Generation Z. Millennials are also referred to as Generation Y, the demographic cohort following Generation X. Researchers tend to use the mid-1980s as starting birth years and the early 2000s as ending birth years to describe Millennials.


Forman Active Learning Classroom at UPenn

By: Kylie Roth

When the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Sciences set out to renovate its library stacks, the project involved a complete rethinking of its interior in order to realign the space with a more contemporary pedagogy.



Mississippi College and the Prison-to-College Pipeline

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Dr. Otis Pickett of Mississippi College has long held both a love of history and a desire to serve. With a doctoral degree in history from the University of Mississippi and a master's degree in theological studies from Missouri's Covenant Theological Seminary, Pickett found a way to combine his passions.


Make the Dream Work: Key Features for a Collaboration Platform

By: Keith Yanke

When higher-education institutions invest in new methods to support students and faculty, they require tools that create competitive advantages and efficiencies without making any sacrifices in terms of their students' ability to learn.



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