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July 2015



Utilizing Daylight Brings More Than Just Energy Savings

By: Mark Mitchell

Natural light has the ability to transform a space, providing a bright and engaging environment for learning. But while adding daylight to a space may seem simple, the truth is that once you travel roughly 30 to 40 feet inside the perimeter of a building, natural light from traditional windows and curtainwall has a difficult time providing sufficient illumination for interior spaces.


Johnson & Wales Breaks Ground on $40 Million Engineering and Science Center

By: Madeline Parmenter

Memories of one of the worst New England winters on record quickly faded away as the first shovelfuls of dirt were tossed marking the official start of construction on Johnson & Wales University's (JWU) newest academic building, which will soon be the home of a $40 million engineering and science academic center.


Flexibility First: Student Rec Center Planning, Design, and Construction

By: Wayne Hughes

Inclusion of multipurpose space is only the beginning. Anticipation of future program changes requires more nuanced design techniques and materials selection.


Upgrading Campus History: Windows Provide Green Update to Older Structures

By: Lance Premeau

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are more than 2,800 two- & four-year private colleges and universities in the United States. Many of those institutions were founded and built towards the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries.



Fluid-Applied Roofing for Repair and Renovation

By: Rick Thomas

For those private universities who include being "green" into their mission statement, fluid-applied roofs can offer numerous benefits. Because extensive roof tear-off is not required, the negative environmental impact of using land fill space is avoided.


Projecting Into the Future: Simple Guidelines for Your Next Upgrade

By: Edgar Jimenez

If you're in charge of standardizing projectors across your campus, chances are that a lot has changed since your last upgrade. Innovation happens faster than it used to, and projectors - and the way they're used in classrooms - are no exception.


De Angela Duff and NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering--Integrated Digital Media

By: Rachel James Clevenger

At the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, De Angela L. Duff co-directs a powerful and popular interdisciplinary program in Integrated Digital Media.


Through the Future of the Music Industry Through Technoogy

By: Peter Chaikin

When Belmont decided to restore Columbia Studio A, the school not only wanted to keep history alive through the preservation of the room, but also wanted to extend into the future and make the studio a resource for its students.



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