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August 2016



Considerations When In the Market for Fitness Equipment

By: Kevin Feldman

With budgets finalized and students back on campus, it's likely your institution is preparing to invest in new fitness equipment. In other words, let the buying season begin. On average, properly maintained cardio equipment should be replaced every three to five years.


More Than Meets the Eye: Indoor Hardwood Sports Surfaces

By: Tom Abendroth

People around the world marvel at the beauty of a new hardwood sports floor. However, few realize how much knowledge and engineering are required to provide visual beauty, deliver performance and safety for athletes, and give the owner a long-lasting, quality surface.


Multi-Use Sports Facilities: Planning as Key to Success

By: Doug Morrow

Planning is a critical step to a successful multisport facility. Built to house multiple sports, the coordination of all building trades must be considered to accommodate the comfort and safety of the occupants and athletes, as well as the requirements of the sports.


Adaptable Utilities for Science Facilities

By: Peter Coffey

Once upon a time, science was done in silos. The biologists, chemists, physicists and engineers stayed in their own worlds. Research was done by discipline, with little cross-fertilization. Research projects lasted for years, largely because funding was secure.



Electric UTVs: A Buyer's Guide for Universities

By: Kurt Meyer

Universities around North America are using electric utility vehicles in a variety of applications to boost sustainability and cut costs. But there can be big differences in the power, performance and durability of electric UTVs.


Using a Cleaning Consultant to Purchase Cleaning Supplies

By: Michael Wilson

Purchasing cleaning products to operate a private college or university very simply isn't what it used to be. It's much more complicated today, mainly because there are literally thousands of cleaning products to select from: some costing more than others, some environmentally preferable and others not, some designed to improve worker productivity and others that focus primarily on performance benefits; the list goes on from there.


Do-It-Yourself Instruments Enable Top-Flight Research by Undergrads

By: Carla Morris

Research equipment does not come cheap. Consider the powerful multiphoton microscope developed for biological and medical research. A $500K price tag puts it out of reach for many colleges that aspire to equip student researchers with state-of-the-art instruments. But not all research frontiers require deep pockets.


Emory College: Blending Anthropology and Medicine

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Dr. Jenny Mascaro of Emory College, who has taught in the Anthropology department for several years before moving to a new post in the Emory School of Medicine, uses structural and functional neuroimaging to explore the ways behavioral, hormonal, genetic, and cultural factors modulate behavior and emotions.



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