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Find the Best Digital Signage Solution for Your Campus

It's no longer a question of if your campus needs to go digital. It's mandatory to stay competitive and relevant in the business and healthcare arenas - education is no different. It's questions of when & how?

Classroom Technology Learning Centers Boost Engagement

Particularly in private colleges and universities, 21st century educators and school administrators are under enormous pressure to differentiate instruction to enhance learning for all students, regardless of ability or their innate interest in the material.

Coordinating Your AV Team: Understanding The Basics

Creating spaces that encourage interactivity through the use of technology, in any sense, requires skills developed over time, through education, experience, intuition and creativity.

Campus Tech Leaders: People Matter Most

During a recent roundtable for academic IT leaders, a theme emerged: the importance of the human side of technology.

The Evolution of Wayfinding: Static & Digital Signage

In 1960, architect Kevin Lynch coined the term wayfinding to describe the tools and processes used to help people find their way. Today, wayfinding is typically addressed using technology, signage, and personnel to help communicate directions. A person's experience within an environment has a beginning and an end.

Revolutionizing Recruitment

Carroll University is first in nation to debut technology that changes how it recruits students. To differentiate the campus visit experience at Carroll, the university sought a new, innovative way to grasp students' attention and interest.

Do It Yourself Lab Compliance Management System: No More Pen and Paper

Does the following sound familiar? You are dealing with safety in a knee jerk fashion, putting out fires as they come, and using pen and paper to complete a lab audit before ultimately compiling reports for 3-4 weeks.

Campus Safety Budgeting: Improving Efficiency and Measuring ROI

When budgets are tight, accountability is crucial. As evidenced by recent college closures and an ever-tightening post-recession financial squeeze on the majority of private universities, budgets are tight.

Major Upgrades to Middlebury College Athletics Complex

Middlebury College has completed a major construction project at the south end of its Vermont campus that integrates its indoor athletic facilities with each other, while tying the Athletics complex more closely to the rest of its residential campus.

Video Walls in Academic Settings

Video walls are one of the fastest growing sub-segments in the AV market. Video walls are providing a "wow!" factor to many different industries- retail, corporate, museums, airports. But they are also popping up in numerous educational and academic settings both in lobbies, classrooms, art areas, and research facilities. Academic institutions serve a broad and technologically demanding demographic, as well as a broad range of use cases that fall outside the traditional feature set.

Champlain College Emergent Media Center: A Multi-Program Center of Excellence

The Emergent Media Center (EMC) at Champlain College is an award-winning hotbed of digital innovation specializing in the design and production of electronic games, mobile apps, and other interactive experiences.

Seeing is Believing: Campus Communication Trends in 2017

Campuses are using digital signage to distribute real-time information, transform education, and enforce safety and security. The same way that university student fads come and go, campus communication trends are always changing.

Communication Color

We live in a world full of color. Research clearly indicates that color has tremendous power to add impact to communications, boosting recall and influencing opinion.

High-Tech Meets Higher Education: Bringing Optimal Audio Quality to University Auditoriums and Classrooms

In today's high-tech universities, it is a common practice for lectures to be recorded for webcasting as an online resource for students or simulcast to remote viewers via a video conferencing system.

Lofty Ideas for Wasted Spaces: Acres of Green Overhead

Urban roofscape is transforming from drab to delightful in cities around the world. Urban development and nature, once contradictory of one another, are now co-mingling on new levels--specifically: rooftop levels, adding habitat to the essentially negative, wasted space within a city.





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