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P.O. Box 339 104 Yoder Drive Middlebury, IN 46540


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There are three pillar attributes for all Parkland Plastics products: H20 Proof, Build Green, and Anti-Mold.

H20 Proof:
Water damage is the leading cause of decay and deterioration in building materials. Annual costs for repair and maintenance average almost 10% of a buildingÂ’s value. Furthermore, the presence of moisture fosters microbial growth that supports development of harmful fungi or bacteria.


Whereas waterproofing an existing building material fills in the pores over the surface with a wax or silicone coating, the protection lasts only for a limited time. Instead, a completely waterproof material is impermeable and permanently unaffected by water.


--Non-absorbent - liquids and fluids will not attack and soak into material
--No swelling - material will not bulge or become engorged with water molecules
--No browning - water will not permanently stain or alter surface color
--Does not attract nor support bacterial or fungal growth - no food for colonies to grow and spread
--Does not attract insects - no cellulose for bugs to eat
--Washable - to maintain sanitary conditions and the "clean-look" appeal


Build Green: Green building protects ecosystems, conserves natural resources, and reduces solid waste and pollution. Environmental benefits include cleaner air and water, and better overall quality of life. Using recycled/recyclable goods saves landfills and minimizes the mining of virgin materials. Economic reimbursements from more efficient building result in lower operating costs from repairs and maintenance over the life of the building. In the long run, not only are you helping to save the environment, you are saving more money.

--Environmentally friendly - preserving nature and natural resources/reducing solid waste
--Reusable material - products that can be remanufactured into a good
--Permanently recycled material - durable goods made from recycled material
--Recyclable material - perpetuate recycling programs
--Tax deductions - receive credit for qualifying environmentally-friendly designs/construction
--Energy conservation - reduce bills with better thermal insulation and cost efficient lighting


Anti-Mold: Mold and its fungal family cause billions of dollars in facility damage each year. Wherever moisture is present, mold is not far away. Once mold is established in building materials, the building is susceptible to suffer from structural degradation. Subsequent outbreaks reappear faster and with greater detriment.


Moreover, some molds and bacteria produce harmful toxins that can cause respiratory dysfunctions and may lead to further health ailments. The best way to prevent mold, mildew, and bacterial problems is to build using completely waterproof materials.

--No rotting - no organic material that will decompose
--No odor - no putrid smells or rancid stenches from unventilated dampness
--Does not attract insects - no musky odor to draw hungry bugs
--Remains sanitary - cleaning is minimized
--Hygienic durability - health concerns are reduced
--Mold growth does not spread - no penetration to underlying and supporting materials
--Does not promote regrowth - mold is not likely to germinate again after sanitization


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