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STERIFAB  is the only EPA registered product that kills bedbugs, lice and other insects, as well as disinfects.  Since its introduction in 1967, STERIFAB has filled a product void by allowing Private Universities to apply it to almost all inanimate surfaces to kill bacteria, fungus, viruses, as well as bedbugs, lice and dust mites.  It is labeled for application to hard and soft surfaces, and is also labeled for mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpets and other surfaces. This is a ready to use product that does not require dilution, and dries quickly leaving no residue.

Distributed and registered in all 50 States, (see Dealer list @ STERIFAB.COM ). 


NOBLE PINE PRODUCTS COMPANY. Sterifab@Sterifab.com 1-800-359-4913.


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