Dean’s List 2021



AGF Manufacturing Inc. manufactures specialized products for the Fire Protection Industry and was founded on the principles of reliability, versatility, and compatibility. AGF has introduced a number of original products that accommodate the varying demands of the fire protection industry, and we are continually working in the field to improve existing products and introduce new ones.


The NIGHTLOCK® Lockdown 1 uses the strength of the floor to withstand tremendous force, and works on any outward- and inward-swinging doors. The NIGHTLOCK unit is installed at floor level, and remains out of reach to anyone attempting to enter by breaking window glass on conventional classroom and office doors.


With the Ligno-VersaTec moisture meter, you can select the right measuring mode to fit the job on hand: pin mode, scan mode, or thermo-hygrometer mode. This could be tracking moisture problems with hand probes up to 7” deep or could be measuring the humidity in a crawl space with the RH Bluepeg probe. The Ligno-VersaTec can check all moisture problems.


The IOTA® IIS 750 advanced emergency lighting inverter combines new emergency performance capabilities with popular IOTA design features. Using a unique 3-Zone output capability, the IIS 750 can distribute emergency power to up to three different rooms or zones while accommodating normal ON/OFF and 0-10V dimming controls per zone.


SMARTdesks® unique collaboration tables—Exchange™—feature a right triangle shape with a comfort curve on the user’s right or left. These shapes fit together in a variety of configurations such as triangles, pinwheels, hexagons, wings, beetles, and organic abstract shapes, to form collaboration tables for active learning. SMARTdesks® flipIT® options, too.


The Bravado® Acoustical Shell features elegant mobile towers and ceiling panels that form a resounding performance space. Designed for spaces that require a full-stage acoustical system, the Bravado offers a customizable design that is crafted to perfectly meet visual and acoustical needs. Each tower is comprised of movable panel wings that lock into place and offer multiple configurations.


Kay Park Recreation offers a large selection of park and playground equipment and commercial grade site furnishings, including outdoor tables, grills, benches, trash containers, drinking fountains, planters, umbrellas, bollards, shade canopies, and bike racks. They have a complete line of bleachers and grandstands, as well as some outdoor athletic equipment.


For over seventy years, industry leaders in higher education have relied on BEVCO to deliver ergonomic seating solutions that perfectly balance comfort and durability. Our seating solutions offer incredible customization options while keeping your comfort and wellness top of mind. Handcrafted and built to order, our chairs meet the demands of any work environment.


LaptopsAnytime works with universities’ administrators to create dynamic laptop and tablet dispensing services. Not only are the systems cost-efficient. but they are also secure and scalable to handle the demands of public computing (and even industrial) environments. Because the kiosks can be left unattended, consider expanding innovative, self-service computing to places which are unstaffed.


Overly Door Company, an ISO 9001 Certified Company, is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of Bullet-Resistant Door and Window Systems and Accessories, all of which have been rigorously tested to one or more of the following test standards: UL Standard for Safety 752, or National Institute of Justice Standard 0108.01.


It is increasingly understood that indoor air quality (IAQ) impacts learning. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions manufactures high-efficiency air cleaning systems that improve IAQ, save energy, and reduce operating costs. Dynamic Air Cleaners remove odors and VOCs in addition to ultrafine particles. The Dynamic V8® Air Cleaning System delivers MERV 15 performance and offers media change-out intervals measured in years instead of months.


List Industries® has developed a new wood sport locker design—the Recruiter 2—that can help upgrade any locker room. Handcrafted using state-of-the-art equipment, the Recruiter 2 is feature-rich and made from furniture-grade hardwood with modern contour edges. Features include stainless steel hooks, a clothes rod, a built-in lock box and a footlocker. The product is ready to ship and is customizable with logo, seat pad, and lock options.


In addition to being simple, efficient, and durable, Vantage ACF Series Calcium Hypochlorite Tablet Feeders offer unmatched water quality, are safer than liquid systems, and run “clean” for less maintenance. From the introductory ACF-60 feeder to the ACF-250 for systems up to 1,000,000 gallons of water, all three Vantage feeders are NSF/ANSI Standard 50 certified.


Royal Basket Trucks® believes that carts should be designed to meet the needs of your environment. For that reason, our carts can be easily integrated into your daily operations to improve the overall efficiency of your workflow. We offer 13 colors of vinyl, 7 colors of mesh, and canvas. Custom size modifications, branding, and labeling are available. Visit our website for more information.


Billy Goat’s PLUGR 25” width reciprocating aerator offers up to 42,550 sq. ft. of aeration per hour in a single pass and features Variable Aeration Density,™ a Billy Goat exclusive, allowing operators to vary hole spacing from 8 to 45 holes per sq. ft. Self-propelled rear-wheel hydro-drive and front casters offer ultimate in-ground turning and Billy Goat Common Controls permit feathering speed with fingertip control. Powered by a 163 cc Honda or 203 cc Vanguard with Cyclonic Air Filtration extending air filter replacement up to 600 hours.


From lunchrooms to laboratories, BioFit designs chairs, tables and carts that are perfect for your educational environment. Our chairs, stools, tables and multipurpose carts are: ergonomic, chemical resistant, easy-to-clean and disinfect, durable and long-lasting, manufactured in the U.S., and backed by award-winning customer support and a full 13-year warranty on most items.


Musson Sheet Rubber is a low maintenance, long life resilient flooring that is excellent for high-traffic areas. Available in over sixty colors, it requires no waxes or finishes; the shine is maintained by using a high speed buffer. Dimensionally stable, Musson sheet rubber will not shrink over time.


Students feel engaged, safe, and in control when they’re able to interact with campus facilities and services from their phone. TouchNet OrderAhead lets colleges and universities deliver just that. From this easy-to-use, integrated app, students can view dining hours, menus, place orders, schedule appointments, earn loyalty points, and then some.


PIG Grippy Floor Mat, the world’s first adhesive-backed absorbent mat, eliminates trip hazards commonly associated with standard carpeted or rubber-backed floor mats. There’s no shifting or bunching up. Grippy stays flat and tight to most common commercial floor surfaces, but peels up easily, so disposal and change-outs are a breeze.


Conference cameras and PCs running teleconferencing software take time for set-up and often require AV staff assistance. Upgrading to Extron’s StudioStation eliminates setup time and no longer requires AV staff. In a quick and straightforward setup process, the instructor inserts a USB stick into the StudioStation remote control panel and presses Record.


Did you know that indoor air quality can be up to five times worse than outdoor air? InspiredTEC has leading technology that will purify and monitor the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch in every indoor space. We offer a new standard in air and surface purification.


Super SAM® 125 sheet membrane is designed to be installed under a variety of hard surface flooring to reduce airborne and impact sound transmission. It also protects tile from cracking due to structural movement. Super SAM® 125 is the perfect solution for libraries, classrooms, dormitories, laboratories, media rooms, and other areas needing sound reduction.


Since 1975, Dorlen Products Inc. has been manufacturing high quality water leak detection systems. These systems are typically used in Data Centers, Server Rooms, Mainframe Areas, and Telecom Rooms. Systems are also used in unattended or difficult access areas to indicate water leakage that may lead to downtime and damage. All products are made in the USA and come with a 5-year limited warranty.


The new VANQUISH™ model brings stand-on mowing to the Evolution Series of commercial, electric mowers. Available with a 52″ or 60″ cut (side/rear discharge), the VANQUISH runs for up to seven hours continuously at speeds of up to 11.5 mph. Featuring Mean Green’s patented ZTR technologies making it competitive with any gas mower in its class. The VANQUISH is a quiet, low maintenance, zero emission mower built for all-day professional use.


Hitch a DR up to your riding (or ZTR) mower and collect acres of leaves while you mow! High-capacity collectors (up to 321 gallons) unload with just one hand, and they fold flat for compact storage. Rated #1 in vacuum power!


Hope’s Windows, Inc. is the leading and most experienced manufacturer of custom, solid hot-rolled steel and solid bronze windows and doors in the United States. Unmatched strength, quality craftsmanship, sustainability, and advanced finishing systems ensure that Hope’s steel windows and doors last for a century or longer with minimal maintenance.


Communicate far and wide with LTE-CONNECT, Icom’s LTE radio solution. Using 4G and 3G networks, both the IP501H handheld and IP501M mobile allows for instantaneous push-to-talk communications throughout North America. The IP501’s are LTE radios, which provides telephone style conversations, packed with conventional two-way radio features.


Aiphone is your partner in finding proactive security solutions for your school, campus, or district. With visitor screening technology, campus-wide communication, paging integration, and student housing solutions, we are here to help create a learning environment that places a premium on safety and security. Learn more at


KMC Commander is an open, secure, and scalable IoT platform that colleges and universities can use to optimize processes and increase efficiency. Using the Dell Edge Gateway 3000, you can connect to building systems and devices easily and securely. The devices are then quickly discovered, profiled and tagged for easy data collection, viewing, and control.


The Ultra Coachliner DXL is the industry leader. This motorcoach has all the features you need, with affordable pricing and thousands of service centers nationwide. At only half the operating cost to own and operate, colleges are taking advantage of fuel savings, reduced maintenance expenses, and less down time.


American Slip Meter has been manufacturing tribometers since 1993. We design and manufacture the meters here in our facility in Florida. We also provide calibration service as well as testing of surfaces in the field and at our facility. We are proud to announce our 925 is NFSI approved.


SportsArt’s innovative energy-generating ECO-POWR(TM) line of cardio equipment is the first in the world of fitness to turn human energy into usable electricity. Using a standard outlet, every workout captures up to 74% of the energy generated and immediately feeds it back into the grid, offsetting electricity consumption and inspiring performance for our shared world.