Cynthia Mwenja, PhD, teaches Composition and Rhetoric at the University of Montevallo and is a staff writer for PUPN Magazine.

Communication and Collaboration in Green Chemistry at Augsburg University

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A Vision for Engineering Grounded in the Liberal Arts

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Sharing East Asian History via Human Experience at Albion College

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Building Republics via Thoughtful, Civil Discourse

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Engineering is Global at the University of Mount Union

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Neuroscience with Native American Undergraduates

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“Social Justice, Equity, And Inclusion” with the Lender Center at Syracuse University

Kendall R. Phillips and James Haywood Rolling, Jr, current co-directors of the Lender Center for Social Justice at Syracuse University,...  More

“Exploring Complex Questions” and “Making Powerful Arguments” at Whitman College

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Spooky Evenings: A “Blueprint for Engaged Humanities”

Matthew Jarvis, Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History at Nebraska Wesleyan University, has built on his overlapping areas of...  More