Returning to Campus

Private colleges and universities convened task forces in the spring to study the novel coronavirus and present plans to keep campus health...  More

Touchless Technologies

During pre-production of the 2002 neo-noir film Minority Report, director Steven Spielberg invited fifteen experts to think about...  More

The World Has Changed. We Are Changing in Response.

When we started Flaherty Media in 2012, I knew nothing about the business of magazines. My professional life had been devoted to education...  More

Virtual Activities and Programming: Student Life Centers Adapt to Social Distancing

Humans have an amazing capacity to adapt, and current technology is a tool being used for just that--adapting to social distancing.   More

Remote Work and Campus Network Security

I enjoy sitting on my front porch with my laptop while doing research, especially in the spring and fall. Much of my dissertation was...  More

Protecting Our Campuses in a Post-Pandemic World

Here's what we know, but perhaps as valuable, also what we feel: The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has changed the world. It is a...  More

Online Teaching & Learning: The New Normal (For a While)

As a result of the highly contagious and novel coronavirus, COVID-19, colleges and universities have been forced to move all classes to an...  More

Campus Housing Amidst COVID-19

Private colleges and universities have been making every effort possible to ensure the health and safety of their students, faculty, and...  More

Private Colleges & Universities Respond to COVID-19

 This winter season brought a new disease-COVID-19 (coronavirus). While this virus is considered new, similar recommendations have been...  More

Message from VPR Imprex

When the novel Coronavirus began to emerge in Canada and the U.S.A, VPR Impex INC., manufacturer of ecological dry vapor cleaning systems,...  More