Ensure safety and security Motorola 2Way Radios from 2Way Supply, which offers instant communication solutions for small, medium or large facilities. 2Way Supply is an authorized Motorola dealer specializing in Motorola 2Way radios, parts and accessories. 2Way Supply recognized a need in the marketplace for an easy to use e-commerce site for Motorola accessories that featured low prices and a good selection of needed items for industrial, educational, construction, safety, and business clients.

We also came to realize that many of the “Motorola” parts and accessories advertised by many other sites were actually misrepresented as genuine Motorola items. Many of these other sites use Motorola part numbers to mislead buyers into thinking they are buying genuine Motorola. In fact, most of their offerings are gray market look-alikes with questionable quality and specs. All of 2Way Supply's inventory is genuine Motorola.