Abacus Sports Installations

2330 Dairy Rd., Lancaster, PA 17601

Abacus Sports installs various types of sports surfacing for gymnasiums, running tracks, tennis courts, weight rooms and athletic locker rooms. In addition to sports surfaces we install synthetic rubber flooring for multi-purpose facilities, banquet halls and other social events. We are a leader in synthetic flooring. Abacus can turn your facility into a great place to congregate for sports performances and social gatherings. We provide the synthetic flooring for both sport and recreational use so your facility can be used to its full potential. This surfacing is resilient against heavy foot traffic, bleachers and pointy shoes, which makes it perfect for multiple uses. Abacus specializes in inlaid platforms for weight rooms. We helped created and develop this product by producing a sub-layer flooring that protects the concrete from the heavy weights dropping. The level platform can help create a more effective weight room for your athletes. Customize your surfaces with Abacus.