Eiki International, Inc.

30251 Esperanza, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 1-800-242-3454

Founded in 1953 in Osaka, Japan, Eiki Industrial Co., recognized it’s expertise in the engineering of 16mm film projectors. EIKI became the largest selling 16mm projector in the world. In 1986, the company acquired the business unit of Bell & Howell that originated the A/V industry 50 years earlier.

In the 80’s in conjunction with several partners, EIKI innovated LCD video projection, by the early 90’s EIKI was one of two brands of LCD Video Projectors marketed worldwide. In the Mid 90’s EIKI brand LCD projectors led the way into computer projection. 2018 marks the 65th anniversary of EIKI. EIKI, literally means “projectors” in Japanese. You won’t find it on printers, calculators, TV sets or refrigerators, and you won’t find it in retail outlets. We do one thing, market a broad range of projection technology for education, religion and business communication.

We’ve been doing that for over 65 years!