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11th floor, New York, NY 10017

We were made to move! The award-winning ErgoErgo helps you sit as nature intended, using your core muscles to hold your body upright.

Students learn better when they can sit actively. In fact, we process movement and learning with the same part of the brain. Micro-movements keep the body--and the mind--alert, aware, and awake.  Movement sends more blood and oxygen to the brain, resulting in a greater ability to concentrate and learn.

Sitting on ErgoERgo also encourages good posture. And by allowing gentle movement, it can help relieve backache.

Perfect for classrooms, libraries, lounges, dorms, art studios, music rooms, fitness areas, cafeterias, and health and wellness facilities. Comes in 2 adult sizes. ErgoErgo has been certified by BIFMA for stability and robsutness and is proudly made in the USA.