Laptops Anytime

17304 Preston Rd.
Suite 800, Dallas, TX 75252

Space-saving Automated Checkout Kiosks custom branded for each facility are designed around major laptop/tablet models in 12-bay host "starter" and 12- and 18-bay "companion" stations. Mix multiple device types in the same system and then smartly deploy multiple systems. Stations are integrated to ILS and/or local LDAP or Active Directory. Additionally, web camera, email notifications and full suite of inventory management, audit trail and management reporting functionality make the system one-of-a-kind. Replace 30 desktops and regain over 150 square feet of comfortable seating and lower power usage by up to 90%. This "new" multi-use seating can accommodate and still serve those who want a comfortable place to read a book or those who bring their own digital device with them. Those needing a Laptop or even a 110V Power Charger (new!)  can check out a device at our innovative kiosks and relax in a new, transformed atmosphere!