Building Liberal Arts Enthusiasm for Computer Science

Amber Wagner has established a vibrant and growing applied computer science program in her three years as assistant professor at Birmingham-Southern College (BSC). Her irresistible excitement about computer science, as well as her thoughtfulness regarding its range of potential uses, invites a diverse array of students to solve a wide variety of problems using tools afforded by the discipline.

Promoting Expansive Undergraduate Research Opportunities at Tougaloo College

Dr. Jinghe Mao, Dean of the Natural Science Division and Professor of Biology at Tougaloo College, has a twenty-year track record of supporting both students and faculty members by establishing high-quality research experiences and cutting-edge facilities on campus.

An Education on Two Planes

Perhaps it is because I am a millennial, but when I hear the word “simulation,” I cannot help but think of The Matrix and Neo taking the red pill. In some regards, higher education reminds me of The Matrix, in that educators and students are living in two completely separate worlds simultaneously—professors are both lifelong learners as well as leaders in the classroom, forcing them to straddle the dynamics of being a professional in the field as well as a shaper of minds. 

Pedagogy that Transforms across the Campus at Sewanee

Dr. Stephanie L. Batkie, Associate Teaching Professor of English, Director of Writing across the Curriculum, and Director of Writing Center at Sewanee, is a prolific scholar, innovative and inviting pedagogue, and exceptionally supportive and collaborative faculty member at The University of the South.

A Gift for Connecting People through Art and Culture

Romita Ray, Associate Professor of Art History at Syracuse University, employs both arts and culture to forge connections between people across disciplinary boundaries. In her scholarship and teaching, she focuses on the art and architecture of the British Empire in India, and she serves on the editorial board of the Journal of South Asian Studies, but her strengths lie in creating opportunities for all kinds of people to take part in common human experiences.

International Relations at Gannon University

Anjali Sahay, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies at Gannon University, is an energetic researcher and community partner who works within and beyond the university to promote intercultural understanding and collaboration

Swarthmore College: The Transformative Potential of Higher Education

James Padilioni, Professor of Religion at Swarthmore College, has a wide array of interests: ritual cultures and plantation lifeworlds, folk Catholicism, Black queer performance, pharmacopic traditions in the African diaspora, Black mystics and cosmologies, and the ontology of race—to name a few.

A Generosity of Community: Learning with Colorado College's Dr. Jared Richman

I am delighted to celebrate the contributions made to higher education by Dr. Jared Richman, Associate Professor of English at Colorado College, and not least of all because I am indebted to his lucid, interdisciplinary, and wholly engaging scholarship, which has taught me invaluable lessons as a young scholar.

Community-Engaged Work at Spelman College

Dr. Michelle Bachelor Robinson, Director of the Comprehensive Writing Program and Assistant Professor of English at Spelman College, fiercely advocates for her pedagogical values: actively mentoring students, collaborating within the classroom and the larger community, and highlighting Black viewpoints and voices in all spaces. By taking the lead in establishing partnerships between historically Black institutions of higher learning and nearby historically Black towns, she has created new opportunities for students and professors at a variety of institutions to participate in community-engaged work.

Reigniting Our Values at Mount Marty College

Mount Marty College is a small, Catholic liberal arts college in Southeast South Dakota, an academic community that believes in the Benedictine values of community, lifelong learning, awareness of God, and hospitality. Professor Joe Rutten is director of their Benedictine Leadership Institute, the basis of the core curriculum at Mount Marty.